Roulette Pro


There are several roulette software systems available that claim to be able to predict the outcome of a roulete spin based on previous history.
Roulette pro is one such system.

The RoulettePro software program uses an algorithm (basically a mathmatical analysis similar to an econometric model) to guide you in your online Roulette bets. Actually it runs 12 roulette algorithms and claims to determine your best bet. As you input more information, the software claims to pick out trends and uncover patterns and sequences. RoulettePro then suggests the best bet.

We include this software on the site for interest purposes only, as we think (actually, no, we know) you should treat these claims with a healthy dose of scepticism. This software might help you track your history, however, and it will certainly help you to become more methodical and stick to your stop loss plan and bank your profit plan. Can they predict numbers? Ahermmmm. Er…Let me think about that….er…no.

Incidently, if this software really does pick out trends, it is more likely to do it in Live Roulette, rather than an online roulette that runs off an RNG (random number generator), as the most likely bias will come from a dealer signature or a slightly imperfect roulette wheel.