Roulette Tool

One of the key things that we advise you to do before playing for real money at one of the roulette sites feautured on Online Roulette UK, is to test out the games on a no risk basis.

You can either do that by playing on the free version of the software (all casinos featured on this site allow you to practise for free). OR you can take up one of the many promotional offers such as at Mummy’s Gold, who offer free money and an hour to test out their casino (you keep the winnings).

Another neat way of building some systems into the way you play, is to use a roulette tool. There are companies out there that have developed software that allow you to test out roulette systems on the fly, chart the results and generally get behind the numbers of your play.

One such tool we have found is Roulette Xtreme.

Roulette Xtreme claims to allow you to develop and test your own roulette systems before trying them for real. Immediately that puts us more at ease, as ther are no super spammy claims about the key to untold riches, unbreakable systems etc etc.

You can put your paper and pens away and shut down your spreadsheets as this neat bit of software does it all.

You can develop your system and then generate spins automatically to test the results. The software builds up and graphs statistics, saves your spins, and allows you to modify your system, so that you can tweak it bit by bit until you are happy with the risk managment.

Key Features
Develop and create unlimited number of systems
Automatically generation of random spins (as many as you want: 200, 500, 2000, over 1 million)
Manually enter your own spins from tables
Ready to go Systems already created to download and test with your own spins.
Download and save Spielbank Hamburg and Wiesbaden spins from their website.
Import external spins from a text file or Hamburg Spielbank file.
Charting displaying various information about each roulette layout:
Displays standard deviation and mean
Shows minimum and Maximum occurrences
Shows number of repeats and intervals
Shows number of occurrences before and after the layout
Charts expand to show:
-Patterns for Even Money and Column/Dozen layouts
-Sectors – define your own sections per sector
Available in English and Spanish
Keeps a record of all your spins and bets placed.
Manual place your own bets to any roulette layout.
Run a wheel bias test using the Chi-Square statistical test.

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