Roulette Books

Interested in finding out even more about roulette? We recommend the following books and resources if you want to increase your knowledge even further.

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1. Thirteen Against The Bank
Norman Leigh

The story of the man who broke the casino at the roulette table in Nice in 1966. Warm and funny account of how he set up a team of 12 to work a reverse Labouchere betting progression while placing bets on all 6 outside, 50-50 bets simultanously; (odd, even, red, black, high and low). Norman Leigh offers an insiders view into the effects of gambling on people and illustrates the winning roulette system that he employed in all its glory, combined with the discipline, persistence and funds needed to do it, not to mention the nerves of steel. A roulette classic.

2. Spin Roulette Gold: Secrets of Beating the Wheel (Paperback)
Frank Scoblete

An honest appraisal of the game of roulette by Frank Scoblete. He explains all about the house edge that the casino has and goes on to explain different methods to help get the most out of your pound or dollar, for example how to slow down the speed of your game to lengthen your time at the table.
Focuses the American Roulette but you can apply the ideas to European Roulette.

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3. Get the Edge at Roulette: How to Predict Where the Ball Will Land Scoblete

Another title by Frank Scoblete. The title of this book is a little misleading as Frank Scoblete does nothing of the sort, but he does explain in simple fashion the myths in the roulette systems that are often used as a guarantee of winning in the game of roulette.

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4. Roulette: Playing to Win (Paperback)
Brett Morton
A concise and entertaining book on all things roulette that runs through the various systems. Read Brett Morton and you will learn about self-discipline and money management.- The only slightly ropey information is the fact that Morton has convinced himaself that it is worth tipping the dealers because they can influence the outcome of the game. Err, don’t think so Brett! But overall a very enjoyable and readable book if you are a fan of roulette.

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