Guaranteed to Win?

We get many enquiries on this topic- largely driven by the amount of websites that are targeting people to buy “foolproof” roulette systems.

The bottom line is that headlines such as the ones below scream “SCAM”! If you want to browse through some betting strategies, check out our free roulette systems guide. All systems on games of risk have inherent pros and cons- make sure you understand both sides of the coin before using them.

Here are some of the classic taglines that we have seen (for you to avoid!)

Roulette System- Guaranteed to Win!
Foolproof Roulette System!
How to Win at Roulette!
Make Guaranteed Profits at Roulette!
Infallible Roulette System!
Proven Winning Roulette System!
The Best Kept Roulette System!
Get Paid to Gamble!
Maximise your Winnings!
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Winning at Roulette is Easy!
Roulette Secret
Banned Roulette Systems
The Ultimate Roulette System!
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Roulette System- Guaranteed to Make You Money!
How to Win at Roulette Wasily and Automatically
100% Free Winning Roulette System!
Easy Casino Profits!
Beat Roulette Guaranteed!
The Secrets of Winning at Roulette Casinos!
Roulette- What The Casinos Didn’t Want You to Know!
New Real Roulette System That is Guaranteed to Win!

Well, there you go- we think it’s fun to dump all of this marketing rubbish on one page to make the claims look even more fanciful.

The sites that sell these so called “infallible” roulette systems have a few things in common:

  • The hype is racked up several notches. Expect to see multiple exclamation marks on the page. Yes sir! Amazing! etc etc
  • The design of the sites are pretty basic.
  • You have to pay before you get any information

Before you buy any of these “Get Rich Quick Schemes”, or “Roads to Riches”, have a think about the following:

  • If you discovered an unbeatable system for roulette, would you advertise it or quietly go about your business taking the casinos for all the money they were worth. Er…., probably the latter.
  • If there was an unbeatable way of playing roulette, would casinos still offer it as a game, bearing in mind that they are businesses?
  • Why do all of these websites look like an email sent from a Nigerian oil baron promising to transfer half a million dollars into your bank account once you send the details of your account, passport, and $5,000 to pay off the first government bribe?

Most of these systems are scams, so don’t pay upfront for any of them unless you are feeling particularly charitable. Anyway, if you search hard enough, you’ll probably be able to find the system for free somewhere on the Internet.

As we state time and time again on this site- no system is going to alter the odds you get at the table- this is a function of the design of the game and the payout (which is set by the casino). There is, and always will be, a house edge in roulete (or any casino game for that matter). The only sensible way of using a system, is use it to lay down a structure of how you are going to play during a session, including thinking about your stop loss limit and your profit goal. This is a good thing, but just don’t expect to get the Midas touch as soon as you start using one. The system should answer the following questions:

How much budget do I have for this session?
How much do I want to win before I walk away and take the profit?
How much can I afford to comfortable lose before I walk away (and still enjoy myself).

So don’t say we didn’t warn you on these “unbeatable roulette systems”! When a website advertises a “Guaranteed Roulette System”, what they are actually referring to is the process of selling “Guaranteed Roulette Systems” to other punters on the Internet who pay out before seeing what they are buying. We have to agree, that in this case, you do have an infallible money making system- just don’t throw your money in there with all the suckers that have already opened their wallets.