Free Roulette Systems

Well, we have a whole section dedicated to free roulette systems. This seems to be one of the most popular pages on the site.

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These systems are a combination of strategies that have been posted on the forum, strategies that we have tested and systems that we have heard about down the pub.

Our initial stance on any system is to study them with a healthy dose of cynacism, and to try and give you all the facts. Just remember, that you can’t change the fundamental odds of a roulette wheel as this is set by the physical characteristics of the wheel, and the payout which is set by the casino (and in most cases regulated and audited by the licencing authority if you are playing at a half decent casino).

Of course, you can come across physical wheels that have imperfections in them which may give you an edge (if you can work out which way the wheel skews), but that is not going to happen online as you will playing against an RNG (random number generator). Unless you are playing live roulette of course, and then it is theoretically possible (althoug the imperfecions will be tiny). Then there’s dealer signature, of course, but that is a different story.

So is it worth playing systems? Well yes, but just understand their limitations. If you use systems to help you employ strict money management techniques that will help you to get off the table when you are up and slink away when you have hit your stop loss, then “allez“!

Always test them out first on a free account, or at a casino that gives you a budget to play around with without having to risk any money. We use Ruby Fortune and Jackpotcity personally, as you get  750 in the former and  500 in the latter. You can test the systems out without risking a penny, and make a deposit later once you are ready to play for real. Jackpotcity gives you the option of taking the 500 no deposit, or you can go for a special roulette bonus (50% match- play through on roulette).