10 Roulette Tips

Do you want a quick 10 point summary on roulette? Our top 10 tips to help you enjoy the game? Well, read on.

1. If you want to build some sort of pattern into your wagers go for the even money bets, dozens, and column bets.

2. The “even” money bets (red/black, odd/even, 1-18/19-36) have the lowest House Edge of all the roulette wagers – if you are playing in a casino that uses the “en prison rule” or “La PArtage” the House Edge is even lower. See all the Roulette Odds

3. Try and place most of your roulette bets in areas that offer the lowest House Edge. Seems obvious, doesn’t it, but you would be suprised at the amount of people who get seduced by some of the bigger pay offs.  This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give the riskier bets a go (like the street, split or straight-up). Just try and weight your betting to the ones that have a lower house edge.

4. If you win playing a riskier bet (such as an individual number that pays 35:1), this might be a good time to stop.

5 The average House Advantage across all of the bets on average is around 5%. BUT you can lower this to just over 1% if you pick your bets carefully.

6. Always play European Roulette if you can rather than American Roulette- this will lower the house Edge to around 2.6%. If you can find a casino that offers French Roulette featuring the “en prison rule”- even better. Even payout bets should only have a house edge of 1.3% if you get half your stake back when the zero drops in (or you get another spin).

7. Weight your betting on even money bets. This gives the house the lowest advantage.These rouette bets are the Red/Black, High/Low and Even/Odd bets (1.3% House Edge). Only even money bets qualify for the “en prison” rule which reduces the House Edge down even more.

8. Try and play on a roulette table that offers the en prison or la partage rule in which case you can get the House Edge down again to 1.35%.

How does this work? Well, when a 0 (and 00 for the American version) comes up, you don’t lose your money on even money bets, but you get the chance to remain on the board for another bet, or be taken back by the player.

La partage, also known as the Surrender rule, is similar to the “en prison” rule, it returns half of your wager, thereby giving a 1.3% House Edge.

9. Do not place the five-number bet

The five-number bet gives the highest House advantage- and that’s not you!- you’ll be hit over the head with a House Edge of 7.3%. Ugh. No thankyou, Victor. Avoid this bet like the plague!

10. Remember, you can reduce the House Edge, but you can’t eliminate it! Stop when you are ahead (make a plan) and only bet what you can afford.

Bon chance, buena suerte, buona fortuna, boa sorte, good luck!