Roulette Raid

Roulette Raid is another roulette forecasting system, similar to RoulettePro. Again, we suggest you take their claims of being able to predict the outcomes of roulette with a pinch of salt, but it is always interesting to check these systems out, not least because the´ll give you an easy way of tracking your roulette play without having to dump everything into a spreadsheet.

RouletteRaid runs five systems, each running multiple roulette algorithms to determine your optimum bet. The software then guides your betting.

Be warned, though, that just because you are using five systems rather than say one, or none, that this is not going to alter your odds one iota. The odds on a roulette table are driven by the pysical characteristics of the roulette wheel and the payout that you get from winning each bet.

Suffice to say that using a system doesn´t alter this fact. (Sorry! But we don´t like to bamboozle you with science here at Ruleto.

But we always advise that you test these things out for youself. You might find the software useful for making your play more systematic. It is ALWAYS better to play with your head than your gut!