No Zero Roulette

One of the facts of life that we are keen to explain to our visitors is that Roulette has a house edge. What this means, is that the casino has an advantage of between 2.6% to 5.2% (depending whether you play European or American roulette). This allows the casino to make money in the long term. Play Zero Roulette and get a £100 Bonus ]

If you average out the receipts at a casino versus the winnings paid out over a long period from multiple players, the casino will be up.

Of course there are winners and losers, but you need to keep this fact firmly in your brain!
The casino gets its edge from the zero pocket (or pockets on the wheel).

Which is why the new online roulette from Betfair is interesting- as they have removed the zero pocket, effectively giving Zero House Edge Roulette.

You get true odds on even money bets. What´s the drawback I hear you ask? Well, there is a higher minimum stake than usual (£5 instead of £1).

Also, they have set the maximum bet limits lower, so that it is difficult to employ a progression strategy such as The Martingale- as you soon run out of room to make a bet that covers your losses. Even so, worth a try.

Betfair is the trading name of The Sporting Exchange Ltd. The Sporting Exchange Limited is registered as a limited liability company in England and Wales.