American Roulette

If you travel over to Las Vegas and play roulette in the desert, the chance are that you’ll play American Roulette.The big difference between European Roulette and American Roulette is that there is an extra zero pocket on the American version. So you have a “0″ pocket and a “00″ pocket.

So that’s good, right? There are more opportuniteis to win as you have more to bet on?
Er… a word, no.

american rouletteThe extra zero, means that when you are playing outside bets like red/black or columns, there are 2 pesky pockets which the ball can fall into that will wipe your bet out. The payout remains the same for the bets, the only difference is that you have an extra zero (or 00) to contend with.

This brings your odds down from 1:37 on European to 1:38 on American for a straight up bet (single number) and from 1:2.06 to 1:2.11 on even money bets. The overall house edge is 5.2% in American and 2.6% in European. So play European!

Incidently, if you play French Roulette at a site that operates “La Partage” rule (you get half your bet back on even money bets when the zero hits), you can get the house edge down to 1.3%. Now we are talking!

For all the reasons above, we always recommend you play European Roulette unless you like betting on zero pockets, and even then you´ll get better odd on European. (but you will have less choice of zero pockets of course!).

It’s your call! We are just saying ;)