You can “Doublez” if you have just won a bet at roulette and generally is employed for some of the more in depth roulette bets like a Neighbours bet on French wheels.

You repeat the bet, but double the stake- so basically a Reverse Martingale Progression.

It’s basically a “let it ride” or Parlay. You ask the croupier to leave your chips on the numbers and to double them up with your winnings. It’s a type of Reverse Martingale (see where you repeat the previous bet (in a reverse martingale you double your bet but you can change the type of your bet rather than keeping your chips in the same place).

Just understand, that these types of positive progression systems, where you increase your bet after a win), are designed to try and accelerate your winnings during a lucky streak. But the law of averages means that you will lose at some point. So you have to be very discliplined, and make sure you have a plan of how many wins in a row you are going to try for. Don’t think on the spot, and stick to your strategy. One loss at the end of 4 wins will wipe all of your profit out in one foul swoop.

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