Roulette Wheel

One thing you ought to do, if you are serious about enjoying roulette, is to take a good long hard look at the roulette wheel. It is amazing the amount of people who wade straight in with a bet without really understanding the layout of the wheel and how it might affect the outcome of the game.

The roulette wheel seems straight forward enough, but study it for a little longer and you’ll start to notice some interesting things. There are two main types: the European roulette wheel and the American wheel.
Numbers 1 to 36 are split evenly among red and black “pockets”, these being the slots that the roulette ball may fall in to. There are also either 1 or 2 green pockets, that are labelled with the number 0 or double 0 “00″ on the roulette wheel.

A close inspection shows that the numbers are not randomly distributed, but then neither are they arranged sequentially.
There is some order there, but does this affect the overall outcome? Not if you remember that each and every roulette wheel spin is an individual event and cannot be influenced by events preceding or coming after it.

There is a balance between red and black, high and low, and odd and even numbers to even the numbers and 50-50 bets across the wheel. For every odd number you see on the wheel, directly opposite it is the next highest even number. Black and red numbers are alternate, and pairs of even pockets alternate with pairs of odd pockets (with the exception to this being 0 and 00, obviously).

The roulette wheel is always spun anticlockwise by the roulette croupier (in the case of a land based casino) or by the roulette software (in the case of an online casino roulette). Note you can also play Live Roulette with real croupiers online with webcams. The roulette ball is  released which scoots along a track that runs across the top of the wheel cavity.

The wheel powers the ball around through friction and gives it just the right amount of centrifugal force to run along the vertical side of the wheel. As the wheel loses momentum, so does the ball which then comes off the track and bounces over the pockets turbulently until it settles into a pocket. There are many small humps and bumps that ensures that the ball is randomly jigged around before it finally comes to a rest in what you hope is the pocket that you just laid a massive bet on!