Roulette Tournaments

An interesting development at many online casinos that offer roulette is the rise of the roulette tournaments.

This idea has spread from online poker and slots, and can be a great way to play online if you do not want to risk too much money, but still fancy the idea of playing roulette online with the chance of scooping some big wins.

Roulette Tournaments or Tourneys. How do they work?

Well, the idea is that you play against other players on a leader board or ladder. You will get a certain stack of chips to play with (not real chips- tournament chips, and you’ll need to play roulette for a certain amount of time to build up your pot of cash (or lose it obviously).

You either enter into the tournament for free ( a free roll), or you buy in to the tournament, for as little as a fiver. You can generally buy more tournaments chips as you go, and the idea is that these funds go towards the main prize for the ultimate winner.

The winner of the tournament scoops the top prize (there may be some runner up prizes as well). This prize fund is either funded by the buy in fees or the marketing funds of the casino who are trying to get you to sample their roulette games.

Detailed description of how roulette tournaments work.

What is a tournament?
A tournament is a contest where a player plays a game for a pre-determined amount of time. A player’s success level is determined by their ranking against other players.

There are four stages in every tournament. These stages follow a specific sequence. They are identified and described below.

Registration: Users sign-up for the tournament. The registration period begins before the start of the tournament and continues until the end of the tournament. You are free to sign up after this time until the end of the tournament. Normally dispalyed as an ‘Upcoming’ tournament or an ‘In Progress’ tournament.

Tournament starts and is active: Registered users are able to play. Roulette Tournament ‘In Progress’.

Tournament finishes: Normally displayed as a ‘Completed’ tournament.

Players are ranked and prizes are handed out.