Roulette Odds

Here we have set out the various odds or probabilities that you will get at European Roulette (1 zero poket) and American Roulette (2 zero pockets).

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Note that the so called “Even Money” bets leave you slightly worse off that 50/50 or 1 in 2.

That’s the house edge in roulette- our main message is that the house edge is less in American Roulette, so avoid that Double zero 00.

To ram this message home….. the only real sure fire way of increasing your odds at online roulette. ALWAYS PLAY EUROPEAN ROULETTE! And play at casinos that offer “La Partage” rule if you can (often called French Roulette). You’ll get half of your even money bets back if the ball lands on zero in this scenario (or you get another spin for free). This reduces the house edge down even further.

Various odds (probabilities) at 0 and 00 roulette

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Bet Type European Roulette American Roulette Payout
Straight up (1 number) 1 in 37 1 in 38 35:1
Split (2 numbers) 1 in 18.5 1 i n 19 17:1
Street (3 numbers) 1 in 12.33 1 in 12.67 11:1
Corner (4 numbers) 1 in 9.25 1 in 9.5 8:1
Fiveline (5 numbers) n/a 1 in 7.6 6:1
Sixline (6 numbers): 1 in 6.17 1 in 6.33 5:1
Column (12 numbers) 1 in 3.08 1 in 3.17 2:1
Dozen (12 numbers) 1 in 3.08 1 in 3.17 2:1
Black/red (18 numbers) 1 in 2.05 1.11 1:1
Even/odd (18 numbers) 1 in 2.05 1.11 1:1
Low/high (18 numbers) 1 in 2.05 1.11 1:1

How does this table work in practice?

Lets run through an example- for example Black/Red.

In European Roulette, the probability of you winning is on in every 2.05 or 48.65 %. That’s because there are 18 reds, 18 blacks and one zero, so if you bet black you have a 18/37 chance of winning.

The house pays 1:1- and you get your bet back of course, so you double your money. the house edge comes from the fact that the odds of getting a black are not quite 2:1.

Note, that the payout is generally the same whether you are playing European or American- it’s just that there is an extra 0 in american which gives you an extra chance to lose (unless you bet on 00).