Roulette Glossary

5 number bet – Played in American roulette against 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3.

A bet on the layout – A bet anywhere on the numbers portion of the table.

American roulette – A roulette version with a 38 pocket wheel numbered 1 to 36 with 2 zero pockets, 0 and 00.

Carr – Corner bet.

Cheval – Split bet.

Column bet – One of the three strips on the outside. 2:1 Payout

Combination Bet – a wager on more than one possible outcome in one spin (to hedge your bets)

Corner bet – A 4 number bet in online roulette. 8:1 payout.

Dozen bet – an outside bet that the ball will land on 1-12, or 13-24 or 25-36.

En plein – Straight up bet.

En prison – applicable to even money bets. When the result is zero, some roulette tables will give the player half the original bet or wager the bet again (en prison) for another round.
European roulette – A roulette version with a 37 pocket wheel numbered 1 to 36 with one zero, 0.

Even – Odd Bet. Bet on wither an even result or an odd.

High – Low Bet. Either high numbers (19-36) or low numbers (1-18).

Inside bet – A bet anywhere on the numbers in the roulette layout.

La partage – similar to “en prison” except you lose half the bet and you cannot leave your bet en prison for another round. Applies to the outside even money bets Red/Black,

High/Low, Odd/Even and kicks in when the result is 0.

Orphelins – a bet on a combination of numbers on the roulette wheel that are adjacent on the wheel, but separated on the betting layout, hence “orphans”.

Outside Bet- any bet that is not a number bet. Eg red, black, odd, even, high, low etc

Payout The winning amount paid by the roulette table to the player. Also refers to the house edge. A higher payout means a lower house edge.
Red-Black Bet- a bet on either a red or black number. Pays 1:1. Odds are slightly less due to the 0 (this is the house edge).

Six line bet – A bet on six numbers at a time.

Sixainne – a six line bet.

Spin – One game.

Split bet – A bet on 2 numbers.

Straight up bet – a bet on one number. Pays 35:1.

Street bet – a bet on 3 numbers.

Tiers du cylindre – a bet on a combination of numbers that are adjacent on the layout but separate on the roulette wheel.

Transversale – a Street bet.

Trio Bet – you bet on the result being one of three possible numbers.

Voisins du zero – a bet on a  group of numbers adjacent to the zero.

Zero, Double Zero :green pocket(s) at opposite sides of the wheel. Only American Roulette has a double zero 00.