Roulette Etiquette

Obviously this is not going to be relevant to you if you are playing online roulette. One of the beauties of playing games on the Internet is that you can play in your pyjamas!

But if you happen to be visiting a land based casino, and you wander up to the roulette tables, how should you behave? What are the rules of etiquette, if any?


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Well, roulette isn’t half as intimidating as alot of other casino games (craps for example). This is because the rules are generally easy to understand, and its easy to hang back and watch the form for 5 minutes or so. But to give you a head start, here are a few pointers:

The most important thing in roulette is the timing of the bets. Watch a couple of spins to make sure you know the timing- there may be subtle variations between casinos. Essentially the dealer gives you a couple of minutes from the last spin to place your bets. Once all bets are made the dealer will start spinning the roulette wheel, and throw the ball in (generally in the opposite direction to the spin of the wheel).

Generally, if the ball is still spinning at a quick enough rate you are still allowed to make bets, but as soon as the dealer says “NO MORE BETS”, which will happen when the ball has lost a bit of momentum, that’s it. All new bets are off.

Other than that, its just a question of being polite to your fellow gamblers at the roulette table.

  1. Don’t shunt any of the other player’s chips around the table when you place your bet.
  2. Try not to lean on the table close to the wheel. (The dealer might start getting paranoid that you are up to something).
  3. Don’t lob your chips onto the table because you can’t reach- just ask the dealer to place the bets for you.
  4. Keep your voice down and try and communicate subtly.
  5. Tip the dealer after a big win.
  6. Dress correctly fro the establishment.
  7. Don’t gamble if you are drunk! (This one is more of a tip as most casinos love a drunk for obvious reasons. You’ll only get thrown off the table if you are really abusive. They would rather take your cash if you are betting like a madman). Well, we did warn you.

Remember- the biggest tip we can give you, is to always treat roulette as entertainment. Entertainmant generally costs money, so as long as you set yourself a sensible limit and don’t spend over it, you’ll have had a good time at a cost that you can afford. If you happen to win- it’s bonus time.