Myths of Roulette

There are plenty of urban myths that surround the game of roulette. You know the ones, basically the quick rich schemes and tall tales of punters winning hundreds of thousands at the wheel (actually some of these are true, like the guy who bet his house on the red!)

However, there is plenty of rubbish circulating around as well- here we try and blow some of those myths away.

Zero Edge

Roulette Spins aren’t 100% random
Sorry to those of you that were thinking that there was a bias in some roulette wheels, and that each spin wasn’t entirely random, but it is.  There may be small imperfections in some wheels in land based casinos, but realistically these imperfections are so tiny (most casinos invest in very expensive state of the art roulette wheels) that they may as well not be there. That’s not to say that some people haven’t taken advantage of wheel imperfections in the past. Joe Jagger and Billy Walters are two famous roulette players who have taken on the casinos (and won) using this technique. But every time it happens, the casinos get smarter. Joe Jagger did this in the 1800s, so the casinos have had almost 200 years to smarten up their act!

There is no memory in roulette. Each spin is a mutually exclusive event, if we are going to talk probabilities.
If red comes up 4 times in a row, there are some punters who will be convinced that red must turn up on the next spin. Wrong. Its a 50-50 chance (actually slighty less, as there is a zero pocket. See our article on roulette odds.)

Roulette Systems
Here’s the biggest roulette myth of them all: there are roulette systems that will defeat the casino enabling you to make off with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yes, there are systems (that can be useful to enable you to play more methodically), but they won’t increase your chance of winning. Think of it this way. If there was a watertight system to beat the casinos, why are they still offering roulette? Generally, the only winner with Roulette Systems, are the scammers who charge for downloading the information on the Internet. If you are thinking of buying a Roulette System online that guarantees you’ll win at roulette, don’t. We feature most of the main systems here FOR FREE.

All Roulette Wheels are the Same
Well, this one is easy to kick over. For a start, there is more than one type of roulette available to play. American Roulette, for example, has 2 zero pockets, while European Roulette has only one.

Include a bet on the 0 or 00 and you eliminate the House Edge
You can see where this comes from. On even money bets (red/black etc) the payout is 1:1. the house gets its edge with the additional zero pocket (or 2 zero pockets in American Roulette). The theory is, if you cover the 0 as well, then you have covered yourself if the ball drops in the zero pocket. But remember, that you have to pay for the privilege! And the payout on the 0 bet is 35:1 even though there are 37 numbers on the wheel (on a European wheel in any case)