Betfair Speed Roulette and 10p Stakes


speed rouletteBetfair Casino has just announced a welcome change to their live roulette product which is proving very popular with players: the 2 great new features are Speed Roulette & minimum stakes of 10pence.

Speed Roulette makes for a more realistic Live Casino experience. One of the most common complaints from players playing Live Roulette is the time between spins of the wheel. Betfair now offer two spins per minute on live roulette, ideal for customers who like to play their favourite numbers on a repeat bet, or those who prefer playing outside bets.

Betfair have also lowered the minimum stakes on most of their roulette tables to 10p. Previously, this was 50p, and the company has seen a significant jump in the total number of games played on live roulette – players are still betting similiar amounts, but are on the tables for longer, enjoying the Live Casino experience. The maximum bet is £200 – a decent spread, oneof the widest of all online Live Casinos on the market.

The Betfair live dealer casino offer is a 100% bonus up to £200 on first deposit.


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